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Khua Bung khua 2 le Hlawmphei khuami Mino Hawi kawmhnak an tuah lai.

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Hlamphei khua Sungpi tu Tlang

Khua bung (A), Khua Bung (B) le Hlamphei khua mi hna cu Kum khat ah voi khat i hawi kawmhnak an tuah tawn mi cu kum (2011) tawh in an rak tuah cang mi a si bantuk in a tu kum ahcun a voi thumnak, i hoi kawmhnak cu Hlamphei khua ah hmaizarh 17-18.04.2013 ah an thawh cang lai.
Hi hawikawmhnak an tuah dingmi hi Hlamphei khua minih an ngei mi Hlamphei khua luatnak poi ni he a ni caan aa khat in tuah mi a si lai caah aa nuam taktak ko lai tiah, Hlam phei khuami upa pakhat nih a chim. I hawi kawmhnak cu Chun ah lente celhnak tete le Biachim zuamnak tbk kan tuah lai i, zan ah Pathian bia le mino i hoi kawmnak le nuamselnak in can kan hmang lai tiah theih a si.
Cun Hi lente celh hna zongah lak sawngtete zong kan ser ve tiah hi i hawikawmhnak ah tawlrel tu Upa pakhat nih a chim.

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  • Published: 1 year ago on April 13, 2013
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